Air Sea Land Ensemble

Air Sea Land Ensemble

Simone Pirisi:  composer, contrabass and bass player

He is an eclectic musician, involved in the most varied musical languages. His repertoire spans from avant-garde to pop, from jazz to heavy metal, to tango and singer-songwriter.  He has collaborated as composer, music arranger and (Producer/Executor) with musicians such as: Giovanni Sollima, Javier Girotto, Thomas Kirkpatrick, Barend Middelhoff, Iskra Menarini, Teo Ciavarella and others. He performs on a regular basis with the Lunfardo Quintet, a tango monographic ensemble with heavy emphasis in Astor Piazzolla and Saul Cosentino music. Within the singer-songwriter musical genre he has received awards and acknowledgements with the Q-Artet, today known as La Presse, a group he has performed with in Italy and abroad. He has authored Chamber, Sinfonic and Cinematic scoring. A forthcoming performance is the Simphony N.1 with the National Peru Orchestra directed by Maestro Matteo Pagliari, while Maestro Sollima commissioned the piece “Improvviso Metallico, for six cellos, performed at the 2017 Festival Lucca Classica.

Mizuho Ueyama : Viola, Violin

was born in Hyogo, Japan, and graduated in 2011 from Kyoto Arts University  under the guidance of Himari Umehara.  On the same year she moved to Italy to perfect  her career  under the guidance of Paolo Franceschini (first violin of Perugia Chamber Orchestra) and Francesco Pepicelli (Trio Metamorphosis).

 In 2014 she graduated with a two years degree in violin from Perugia Music Conservatory, achieving the highest mark, summa cum laude. She has been awarded at several national and international competitions as a soloist, as well as a music chamber orchestra member. She performed as a soloist  in several recitals in Japan and she is currently collaborating with several orchestras  (Kyoto Simphony and others) In 2017 she made her debut in Hyogo city performing the Sibelius concert. She is regularly invited to attend the most important Italian musical  events like Festival dei Due Mondi. In 2015 she became the  soloist violin of “Quintetto Lunfardo” whose goal is the research and the philological interpretation of the Argentinian tango and to valorize the musical repertoire of famous composers such as Astor Piazzolla and Saul Cosentino. Since 2013 she has become First Viola of  Perugia Chamber Orchestra, with which she actively performs at the main European festivals. Since 2016 she has become a member (violist) of the Xenia  Ensamble contemporary quartet. She has always been interested in studying the viola and she has perfected it under the guidance of Luca Ranieri (First Viola of Torino “Rai” Orchestra) and Simonide Braconi (First Viola of Teatro alla Scala).   In 2018 she graduated with  a 2 years degree in viola from Perugia music Conservatory achieving the highest mark, summa cum laude..

Gianluca Pirisi. Cello

was born in Terni in 1989. He began the study of the cello in 2001 and graduated in October of 2007, with summa cum laude.In 2010 he obtain the chamber music master degree at the Santa Cecilia Academy of Rome under the guidance of M ° Rocco Filippini.He performed as soloist with the orchestra the two concertos by J. Haydn, several concertos by Vivaldi and Boccherini and in 2010 performed J.Brahms’s Double Concerto with violinist Azusa Onishi. He was invited to perform at the Kusatsu Festival in Japan as the first violoncello of the chamber orchestra “The Soloists of Perugia” and the Festival Orchestra of Kusatsu, in the presence of the Emperor of Japan. From 2013 he is first cello of the Perugia Chamber Orchestra.He debuted in 2017 in the Amici della Musica season with the Perugia Chamber Orchestra with Giovanni Sollima, in a program for two cellos and orchestra. In December 2017 he performed in duo  with Giovanni Sollima the prestigious Christmas Concert at the Italian Senate – broadcasted live from RAI 1 Tv channel.

Recently, his debut in Germany, in a 8 concerts tour, with the Hannover Staatsoper, in a programme for two cellos and orchestra, with cellist Raffaella Cardaropoli,  has received an enthusiastic feedback from critic and public.

Stefano Ensabella 

reaches his diploma in saxophone under the lead of M° Roberto Micarelli.

During the following two years he perfections his skill with the M° David Brutti. He spends a year in 2012/2013 at Bordeaux’s Music Conservatory studying with the M° Marie-Bernadette Charrier obtaining top marks in saxophone, and honours in contemporary chamber music.

In 2014 he wins the First Price at the Caravajos Contest, in Rome, for sax solo and fanfare. From 2013 he has served in various spheres ranging from the contemporary to the jazz-folk music, working with the Atem Sax Quartet, Javier Girotto, David Brutti, Marco Colonna, Orchestra Città Aperta, Pietro Cernuto (Suttasupra Folk Project), True Voices Quartet, Compagnia La Strada, Art Saxophone Quartet, Aslico (“Milo e Maya e il giro del mondo” – Tourneé 2015) Dramatodia Ensemble, Ravenna Festival 2018.

In 2015, with four other musicians, he gives life to the Lunfardo Quintet. Under the guidance of the M° Hugo Aisemberg he dedicates himself to the less known compositions of Astor Piazzolla’s music, and so also for the contemporary tango composers. 

From 2016 he expands his research towards the construction and study of the recorder.

Francesco Ensabella: Piano

was born in San Severino Marche in 1991.He started to learn the piano when he was eight.He obtained his Master’s Degree in Piano, as a privatist, with the highest marks under the guidance of Simone Cartuccia in the Conservatory of  Fermo.  He then earned his Master’s Degree in Chamber Music, with the highest distinction under Costantino Mastroprimiano in the Conservatory of Perugia.  He has won several prize in national and international competitions: first prize at  Concorso Nazionale “Amici della Musica” – Ancona, Concorso nazionale “Città di Ortona”, “Kaway-Cesenatico”, “Verdi Note” – Roma, “Città di Rieti” as a soloist; at “Rospigliosi” (PT), Concorso Nazionale “S.Pietro in Vincoli” e “Città di Ortona” as a chamber musician.

He played in festivals such as Camerino (Concerti a Palazzo), S.Severino “Teatro Feronia”, Festival dei 2 Mondi – Spoleto, Festival di musica da camera “Grand Tour”-Perugia, International Umbria Music Fest, Festival musicale di Stintino (Sardinia), Rassegna “Terra di teatri” playing Mozart Piano Concerto K414 in A major with the “Sinfonietta Gigli”chamber orchestra. He perfected his studies under Pier Narciso Masi at Accademia Musicale di Firenze, and he has followed the summer courses of Riccardo Risaliti.

In 2015 he ended a year of study under Naum Grubert in the Koninklijke Conservtorium in Den Haag (Holland). He has also taken lessons and suggestions from renowned musicians such as Mats Widlund, Giovanni Valentini, Marieke Schneemann, Kersten McCall, Francesco Pepicelli, David Brutti, and Konstantin Bogino. He’s co-founder of  Quintetto Lunfardo with Gianluca Pirisi (cello), Mizuho Ueyama (violin), Stefano Ensabella (saxophones), Simone Pirisi (double bass). The quintet was invited by Giovanni Sollima to play within the Lucca Festival and they played also in “Casa Argentina en Roma” (argentinian embassy in Rome). All the members of the quintet are pupils of M°Hugo Aisemberg.As an eclectic pianist, very active as a chamber musician, he’s focused on developing a wide repertoire, havening a preference for 20th century’s music and contemporary music.He’s piano part’s editor of the Cello Sonata by the composer Simone Pirisi, recently edited by Casa Musicale Sonzogno.