Karnag Duo


Karnag Duo –
The Karnag Duo (Carnac it is the Megaln ithic site in French Brittany) it was create in Finistere by the author/composer and guitarist Didier Dreo and the Harpist author/composer Andrea Seki while working together at the most recent artistic/recording project of the famous Breton singer Kristien Nikolas. Recorded in studios in Brittany french.
The two musicians worked with good harmony, and good complementarity within the two instruments, and their musical writing. The Duo enlarged their collaboration to realize new compositions, on musical bases and loops, which reflects centuries of culture of Ireland and the British Isles, North-West France.Celtic music originally began over a thousand years ago, and most of the songs began as a form of entertainment for villages. Court jesters of royal families in Northern Europe were required to know at least a few Celtic songs. While songs were originally only sung in Gaelic, they are now mostly written in English.

Celtic musical forms include jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, strathspeys (Scotland)and slow airs. Many tracks are typified by strong, repeating melodies in a set rhythm, which reflects a background as dance music. Ballads are also common. Largely through the immigration of the Scotch-Irish, Celtic music was the foundation for Appalachian folk music in the United States. The album it is entitled “Atlantic Breath”, and in it’s every single composition it shows its originality and unique character, the listener is taken on a journey surronded by beautiful melodies and dragging rhythms.

Didier Dreo -guitar (classic,folk,electirc, and Yar a Didier’s own made guitar-sitar)
Andrea Seki – Electro-acoustic Neo Celtic Harp, FX pedal.