Os Morcegos


Os Morcegos are :

Mauro Andreoni  – Electric Piano

Piero Simoncini – Double Bass

GiGi Zito – Drums

Additional musicians:

Claudio Pizzale – vibraphone, flute, voice and percussions

Eric Daniel – Flute, Sax tenor

Liliana Gimenez – Voice

Paul Cerrone – Sax tenor

Fabio Tullio – Sax alto

Luca Scorziello – Congas and all brazilian percussions|

Olivier Berney – Trumpet

Stefano Rossini -Percussions

Stefano Scoarughi –  E. Bass

Os Morcegos musicians are a trio constantly connected to the south–american sounds and beats, hard inspired by those flavors and way of living. After many collaborations with some Italian and foreign jazz music players, they get their first contract, with this new formation from the REgroovable jazz label that is very proud to present their first cd album. Almost every night they play in many towns clubs, spreading a message of freedom, partecipation and feelings, very well received by the audience. Thanks to these deep experiences they gain the assimilation of the Brazilian bossa-rhythms and contents. They are here together with a band of more then 10 elements.
The Os Morcegos group mixes the dense, flowery harmonies and grooves of band such as Sergio Mendes’ Brazil 66 with chaotic, patience-testing contemporary psych styles. A groovy ’60s fusionfest, very reminiscent of spacy jazz-samba. This is an exceptionally solid, pleasantly mellow and spacy, samba psychedelic-tinged acoustic album which recalls the natural, relaxed warmth of the best of mid-’60s bossa nova.

The musical direction and arrangements it’s been made by Mauro Andreoni that is consistently inventive and engaging on this pretty-sounding, melodically based album, crafting mellow space-out music that never lapses into pure gooeyness or by-the-numbers smooth jazz conventions.
Os Morcegos is a name that evocates the nocturnal animal just because they are really a deep-night players and their style is appropiate for that typical tropical dark and relaxed atmosphere…with the big-bats (that is the translation of the word from the Portughese language) around you :
They call their style Samba-jazz that is a mix of traditional music revitalization and on the other hand a perfect style of modern lounge-dance groove. They got a natural feeling for the retro-sounds and vintage atmospheres, so who loves the bossa-rhytms and the samba-moods will find in their music, echoes of something really hot and exotic. It’s like to be in a Copacabana in the sixties beach parties………….If you like noodly samba-jazz with a bossa nova twist, you might really enjoy this album. They are supported from great musicians like : Eric Daniel on sax and flute, and a great singer called Liliana Gimenes.