Phil De Laura


Producer, composer, arranger, sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist, Filippo “Phil” De Laura has composed and created original music both for soundtracks and advertising, and for recording projects, collaborating with major record labels.
Born and raised in Rome he now lives in New York. His artistic talent flourished at the age of thirteen, when he began playing the drums, the guitar and a baby grand piano from the 1930s present in the family apartment. His attraction towards different musical languages probably has its roots in this period of adolescence, when he found himself playing and studying the three instruments at the same time. De Laura subsequently graduated with honors in Ethnomusicology at La Sapienza University of Rome, a course of study that introduced him to the knowledge of both the multiplicity of musical cultures and a vast range of non-Western instruments and performance techniques. It is during this period that De Laura purchased the Chapman Stick, an electric chordophone with 10 or 12 strings, half guitar and half bass, which is played with the “tapping” technique. Since then he has begun to collect and collect stringed instruments of all types and geographical origins, with particular interest in the so-called hybrids (halfway instruments), with sometimes exotic names such as Glissentar, Akkord Zither, Fusion Tar, Lute Guitar, Banjola , The Root, etc. Some have ancient origins, others are the intuitions of contemporary luthiers.

The international groups that have made use of his talent include RAI (both TV and radio), Warner Bros, Virgin, BMG, Enel, Mediaset, Simpson Films, Tempesta film and Sky Italia.
De Laura has collaborated with numerous figures of Italian cinema, including Paolo Vivaldi, Valerio C. Faggioni, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Giuseppe Piccioni, Susanna Tamaro, Liliana Cavani, Lamberto Bava, Silvio Muccino and many others.
In the various roles of artistic producer, composer, arranger, sound engineer and session man in the studio and live, he has worked with established artists in the world of recording. Among many, Robert Miles, Grazia Di Michele, Niccolo’ Fabi, Patti Pravo, Bungaro, Nada.


Now that I have an overview of the project, I can say that you did an excellent job. I never imagined I would find the sound so close to home that I have searched far and wide across the world for a lifetime. But everything is so mysterious, and sometimes it happens, in particular moments of our lives, that the orbits intersect.

This is therefore destined to be our time, having created an album together that contains your wonderful lifelong musical research. Precisely because time generates the encounters that create everything: from friendship to ambitions, from knowledge to the search for mutual artistic realization. For this reason this probably could not have happened previously.
I listen to the album continuously, and I consider it one of the most beautiful works I’ve ever released. This magical sound captures and enchants you for the entire duration of the album. Truly my heartfelt congratulations.

Thanks again for your treasures.

Roberto Colella