Waterfall Quartet

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Waterfall Quartet is a project conceived to infuse various music genres in a free and flowing mode, who’s main objective is an educated musical experiment yet still accessible by the transversal public.  The group base ensemble (two violins, guitar and contrabass) presents both a strong and fluid structure that, combined with tracks and/or other instruments, maintains a clear and recognizable sound style even when various and diverse music languages are melded together. Waterfall Quartet intends to be a permanent composition laboratory or Think Tank and at the same time a physical live band with a high psychological impact. The music composed by the quartet is suitable both to a live concert venue, accompaniment of visual and movement artists, live performances and cinematic scores.

Matteo Sperandio:  Violin

violinist, author, composer. He graduated in violin and perfected himself with some of the greatest exponents of international virtuosity. He has won numerous awards in the classical and ” light music ” field where he has a great concert activity with Q-Artet, now La Presse. He is active in composing from film music to “light music” and has collaborated with international artists such as Amy Stewart, Iskra Menarini, Rainer Honeck, Dee Dee bridgewater, as well as other Italian artistsMatteo performs violin masterclass and music history at Baltimore’s Calvert Hall College and is the first violin of the Mauro Bortolotti chamber orchestra, with which he has a great concert activity in Italy and abroad.

Simone Pirisi:  Contrabass: composer, contrabass and bass player, is an eclectic musician, involved in the most varied musical languages. His repertoire spans from avant-garde to pop, from jazz to heavy metal, to tango and singer-songwriter.  He has collaborated as composer, music arranger and (Producer/Executor) with musicians such as: Giovanni Sollima, Javier Girotto, Thomas Kirkpatrick, Barend Middelhoff, Iskra Menarini, Teo Ciavarella and others. He performs on a regular basis with the Lunfardo Quintet, a tango monographic ensemble with heavy emphasis in Astor Piazzolla and Saul Cosentino music. Within the singer-songwriter musical genre he has received awards and acknowledgements with the Q-Artet, today known as La Presse, a group he has performed with in Italy and abroad. He has authored Chamber, Sinfonic and Cinematic scoring. A forthcoming performance is the Simphony N.1 with the National Peru Orchestra directed by Maestro Matteo Pagliari, while Maestro Sollima commissioned the piece “Improvviso Metallico, for six cellos, performed at the 2017 Festival Lucca Classica.

Matteo Ceccarelli : Violin: He graduated in violin in 2001, starting a long concert season with important Italian symphonic realities. At the same time he started studying composition and those of Letters, obtaining a degree in cinema and literature. Matteo started collaborating with directors as a composer for theater and documentaries. Parallel to the career of violinist and musician began also that of writer and director who sees me involved in the creation of 360-degree audiovisual products. He collaborated as well with Ensemble Amadeus, Q-Artet, Symphonic Orchestra of Civitavecchia, Symphonic Orchestra of Terni, Symphonic Orchestra of Tuscany, Orchestra Toscanini, Italian Youth Orchestra and with important musicians and directors.

Massimo Colabella: Guitars – In 2018 he earned the II Level Academic Diploma in Jazz (guitar) at the Morlacchi Conservatory of Perugia. In 2015 he graduated in Jazz Guitar at the Morlacchi Conservatory of Perugia. In 2008 he earned a bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology of Artistic Production at the University of Perugia and between 2008 and 2011 he attended the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. In 2009 he took part at summer specialization courses of Umbria Jazz held by the Teachers of the Berklee College of Music; he took part in a broad of master classes (Scott Henderson, Guthrie Govan, Tommy Emmanuel, Luca Colombo, Umberto Fiorentino, James Thompson, William Stravato and Franco Cerri). From 2010 he enjoyed the Terni Jazz Orchestra. He collaborated with Iskra Menarini, Eugenio Finardi, Greg Abate, Paolo Di Sabatino, Michael Rosen, Simone La Maida, Jack Hirschman and Mike Melillo. He attended the exhibition “Reality Opera” at the Experimental Lyric Theatre of Spoleto directed by Marco Angus and he plays at the Festival Umbria Jazz with the Morlacchi Conservatory Orchestra of Perugia directed by Master Mario Raja