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Rob Colella – composer, producer and programming
RICky MAZZAMAURO – composer, producer, programming and keyboards

Rob Colella, Funky Juice’s record boss has a string of productions to his credit (Barrio Jazz Gang, Panaphonic, Black Bombay, D.J. Spice).Under the “Funky Juice” flag he signed and produced kind of 30 artists since the beginning of the label, all very well received worldwide, just to name a few: Barrio Jazz Gang, Pauline London, Alacran, Bungalove, etc etc.
He also work as a D. J. and his set is a selection of obscure-jazz of the 60’s and 70’,s as well the lightly brazilian bossa-groove and latin cuban beats. He is active also as a remixer and selector of the best cd compilation worldwide.
His philosophy about the music is based on few principles that are: feel something special inside, get the right solution to exprime it in new sounds and new beats always being concentrate of what the best was made by the old school of FUNKY, JAZZ, AFRICAN AND WORLD MUSIC.
This is the best way to find new paths, new sensations and solid reasons for living a life in respect of selfness and full happiness. What he define as music is a mental content generated by the ears and the brain, responding to external vibrational stimulation. This stimulation cause the musical perception, but are substantially different from it. Being each individual unique, cerebrally and psychologically, each one has its own particular way to respond to the external stimulation, having thus a more or less different experience from the listening of a same music piece. It’s not possible to express objective and absolute judgements about a tune, not existing a reference version of it; in a certain sense there are as many versions as there are listeners.

Rob said that the good music always reach the people with the right attitude about it and created by special emotional experience shared together with the composer. Without empathy between the listener and the composer there is no pleasure and only the spirituality of the music help us to see moments of better life.

As Black Bombay they released the first cd album in 1999, now only Rob is working at the second cd with some new musicians, because Ricky has gone on doing different things from music.

He started piano lessons with Master Sandro Grossi, studies that will lead him to USA to graduate at the prestigious “Berklee college of music” in Boston in “Performance”.
Producer, arranger, composer, eclectic keyboardist, who can cross different styles from jazz to pop and rock, his professional activity mainly takes place in a recording studio, both as a turner and as a producer, leading him to perform countless recordings in both Italy and all ‘abroad.
He produced with Rob some hits in the 90’s like Latin Aspects, Jazzedelic and many more.
From 1990 onwards he is the owner of recording studio in which he produces his greatest success and has managed to sell millions of disks worldwide with musical productions mainly directed at the “DANCE” area.
His live activity is very intense at present an back in the days Jean-Michel Byron – Toto’s voice (1989-1991) and many others.