Cucurucho – Hasta La Habana


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In recent years the PANAPHONIC project has been kept on hold due to the countless commitments of leader Rob Colella, who has had to produce many bands on his label (Funky Juice). Projects of the caliber of Blackshapes, Moon Lagoon, Thundermeek, Air Sea Land Ensemble, The Tone Stars and Yellow Waves. All produced between 2017 and 2019.

In this new production the final destination is Cuba and the itinerary delves into two typical aspects of the island’s tradition. One more linked to the acoustic, romantic and passionate past and the other immersed in the more festive, tropical and decidedly danceable sounds. The producer made use of two long-standing collaborators/musicians on both an artistic and professional level. In the first piece, entitled: “Cucurucho”, the Argentine violinist and singer, (but transplanted to Italy) Melody Quinteros, intensely interprets both the vocal part and that of the violin, characterizing everything with a very personal timbral nuance of the violin and with different chiaroscuro tones of the voice that give a distinct touch of originality to everything. Furthermore, a splendid instrumental version of the song is offered, with a fantastic pace of the violin and a very passionate and profound exposition of the theme.

The text of the song tells of the love he experienced for and with his “cucurucho” (sweet and sensual form and synonymous with “love”, “treasure”, “cosita”, “gordito”, “cinito”, etc). She calls him that (metaphorically) because that’s what she remembers after eating the ice cream (so sweet and magical). The “cucurucho” is the substantial part of the ice cream, the crunchy part, the less sweet part. And so despite fighting against everything that reminds her of him, she can’t get him out of her head. In the second song: “Hasta La Habana” the piano and voice are by Emiliano Pari who has masterfully immersed himself in a Caribbean atmosphere with retro tones with passionate and vaguely melancholic timbres and colors. The text tells us of a man so in love that he wants to do nothing but share everything with her. He always carries her with him and dreams together of a world where nothing exists but her and their love.

Added musicians: Giuliano Bastianelli on guitars – He collaborated in this project, his great experience as a multifaceted guitarist is the result of the research that the musician dedicated to the formation of his unmistakable sound, a mixture of Rock, Blues and English Pop.

The compositions and arrangements of both songs are by Emiliano Pari while the lyrics were written by Melody Quinteros.