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L.E.D. (Life Emission Display) project explored here polyrhythms and new forms and started in 2003 when Sebastiano Forte, a young sicilian musician and producer, met Funky juice rec. team. It is the aim of this project to mix jazz and electronic sounds. As the project developed, new ideas and sounds, like funk from the 60’s and 70’s, mixed in. Organically rhythms and sounds from Brasil came in , due to Sebastiano’s love for bossa-nova and Brasil where he travelled to in the summer of 2004. This record develops through all these influences and none of them looses its uniqueness. Main thing is the MUSIC in its most creative form. Sebastian his a musician of stature who follows with his taste, his skill and warmly individual sound. In differing degrees this album all came directly under the spell of the persuasive musical message delivered by the jazz funk of the 60’s and 70’s.
The purpose of his whole existence is music and he show that is the paramount thing and anything that interfered with it he should stay away from. In any musical situation his ideas just bounded out and his inspired anyone is around him pls pay special attention to the drums, to the natural movements and the warm sound of jazz mixed with latin-american accents.
The cd Life Emission Display plays with the computer without ever loosing sight of the melody, which is the strength and root of meditteranean music which is what gives it the special character in the international electro-jazz panorama.
All the tracks come from Sebastiano (polistrumentalist and classical clarinetist) and from his meeting with Roby J. C. and are enriched by excellent musicians and their creative input.
From the jazz -bossa track “You Turn”, with Tony Cattano playing the trombone e Sabatino Matteucci the saxophone to “A Clave” and “Bossa de Saudade” (electronic remix version), with Liliana Gimenez’s beautiful voice, or “Triste-Alegre”, a tribute to Brasil which has the taste of a long journey (here the voice is Carla Mancinelli’s). Acid 70’s funk comes in on “Oh let me know your love” (featuring again Sabatino Matteucci and Carla Mancinelli). “Taormina’s Chase” is a tribute to the soundtracks of the movies from the 60’s.
Jo Morello’s trumpet with Sebastiano’s acid guitars give this track a vintage sound.
Keeping the funky sound of the past mixed with electronic sounds characterizes, “Rolling Box”, “Street Cooking” (with d Rino Cirinnà’s saxophone and Clara Forte’s voice) and “Central Funk Park” (with Paolo Innarella’s sax and Carla Mancinelli’s voice) start off the groovy side of L..E..D. “Walking Sofà” (with Marco Genovese’s piano) and “Inside” introduce us into the dreamy side of the project and we are invited to listen with our eyes closed and travel towards the heart.“Frisco Party”, “Let Me Shine” and “Let True in Love” rappresent the electronic but easy sound of disco, that uses harmonies of jazz. In january 2005 Sebastiano played at the “Social Forum mundial” concert in Porto Alegre, on the same stage as Gilberto Gil and Manu Chao. It always been said that the music has no boundaries which Seb always believed, and these nu-sounds now are reaching wider audience than even before in all Europe, Japan and US where LED’s beginning works, been released in uncountable quality compilations and was very well received by D.J.’s worldwide.
The jazz-oriented artist is one who, given the proper material, can interpret a song with that extra something beyond the mechanical playing of a instrument and his music always sounds inventive, relaxed, groovy, friendly and freewheeling.

Enjoy and have a good listening!