Moon Lagoon
Debbie-Sweating Sweetest Love


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Artist: Moon Lagoon

Title:  Debbie / Sweating Sweetest Love
File under: Folk, Alternative, Country, Pop


Sweating Sweetest Love

Debbie is not the story of a woman, but of the man who, hiding in the ranks of her admirers, has always sincerely and deeply loved her, but limited himself to dreaming of her from afar, without ever actually taking a step towards her. The song is a hymn to seizing the moment, before it vanishes between your fingers.

Sweating Sweetest Love, a sweet, very sweet, but tiring love. Often, between two lovers, there is one who needs to always have the last word. But is it really that important to win a battle? Maybe it’s better to let the other win and take back your freedom.

Moon Lagoon are:
Matteo Sperandio: violin, piano, voice, backing vocals.
Marialuna Cipolla; acoustic guitar, vocals, backing vocals.


Additional Musicians:
Massimo Colabella: guitars
Matteo Fabrizi: bass,
Fabio D’Isanto: drums
Saverio Federici: drums and percussion

Executive and artistic producers: Matteo Sperandio, Massimo Colabella, Rob Colella – Funky Juice records
All tracks published by Surabaya Music publ. (S.I.A.E.)

Recorded and mixed in: Experienced Recording Studio (Terni) – Point Of View (Rome) 2020

(p) & © Surabaya Music publ.