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Year 1969, at the same time to the last preparations for the first trip of the
man on the moon in all secretiveness a new machine came. It was much more advanced of the Apollo one, and so a small group of musicians called The Dynamic 4(while the whole humanity followed the deeds of Armstrong & Co.) found the way to travel in the time!!! Their intent was to bring their music in another time, in the future, in the III° millennium. Nowadays, to the unknowness of all, Dynamic Four are between us. At first, their music went out from a small mono loudspeaker of an old turntable and now it keeps on playing in the hi-fi systems of the modern equipment players of the 21st century. So watch out for them, if you like the Blue Note breaks you can’t misss them…………..catch their special vintage sounds flavored with the beatiful voice of Pauline London, who done all the vocals on the Barrio Jazz Gang’s cd Spectrum.

Stefano Micarelli is the leader of the band and has grown with the illness of the music. Already to one year his prevailing occupation was to fumble with the 45’s of Tom Jones and the Yardbirds, he also listened to the back. Lightened by the jazz he has founded different projects where he forced the musicians to play his tunes and the times that he didn’t do that he played the guitar with Harvie Swartz, George
Garzone, Massimo Manzi, Eddie Henderson, Bennie Maupin. He has secretly cultivated, for more than 20 years, a passion for the music programming with the computer. This has flowed into the association with the DJ-producer Rob Colella (Funky juice rec) and in the project of the group Barrio Jazz Gang known in the european and international club-charts.