Phil De Laura
Tales From String Hill


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Over the past 25 years, Phil De Laura has scored, produced, arranged, engineered, backed up and performed on dozens of soundtracks, albums and live concerts, playing his own instruments throughout these projects.
This is his first solo album, and features most of the instruments from his ”weird stringed family”.
Every album is a snapshot of a particular moment of an artist’s life. This work portrays, in particular, Phil’s recent years, characterized by emotionally intense times and radical changes, while straddling the Ocean between Rome and New York. It is a mixtape, a kaleidoscope of moods, colours and sounds. And yet, in its diversity, one element seems to connect all the compositions together: a sense of suspension, like sitting on the edge of a hill with an estranged glance at the surrounding landscapes. De Laura’s sonic tales are an in-between haven, an experience of being here, there and everywhere. Except for one track with background vocals, the CD is entirely instrumental and is, to use in-vogue terminology, “organic”. There are no loops, and only the slight use of analog synthesizers. Besides the precious contributions of a few friends, all acoustic and electric instruments are played by Phil De Laura, now and then tweaking with delays and other effects. Along with traditional percussion techniques, De Laura has unchained his creativity by using surfaces and other non-orthodox means, such as brushes on a wooden tool or turning a Kalimba upside down and hitting the body with a mallet, creating a personal array of soundscapes. Enjoy the beautiful view from the top of String Hill.

Now that I have a complete view of the project, I can say that you have done an excellent job. I hadn’t expected to find so close to me the sound I had looked for all around the world my whole life long. Buteverything is so mysterious and it happens sometimes, in the defining moments of our lives, that orbits
intersect.This must be our time, to create this album of your wonderful musical life’s-work. Precisely because time breeds the encounters that fuse the whole: from friendships to ambitions, from knowledge to the quest for
mutual artistic fulfillment, this probably couldn’t have happened before now.I listen to the album over and over, regarding it as one of the most beautiful works I’ve ever released. This enchanting sound catches you and blows your mind for the entire duration of the album. Most sincere congratulations.
Thanks again for your treasures.
Roberto Colella

01 Himalayan Dawn – 12 String Guitar, Charango.
02 Japanese Butterflies – Udu, Wooden Stool, Dholak, The Root with pick and bow, Charango, Balalaika.
03 Louise’s April – Drums, Bass, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, The Root with bow, Pad.
04 Soulmates – Kalimba’s Nutshell, Apachi Framedrum, Shakers, AkkordZither, Piano.
05 Down The Rabbit Hole – Drums, Bass, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Electric Freeze Guitar, E Bow, Ring Modulator Guitar – Special Guest: George Diefenbach on Percussion.
06 Homesick – Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki, The Root with bow.
07 Root Minuetto – The Root with pick & bow.
08 Moyen Age Rondeau – Oceandrum, Shaker, Tambourine, Bass, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Mandolin.
09 Canyon Winds – Brushes on AkkordZither, The Root, 808 Drums, Triangle, Shaker, Tambourine,
10 Dreaming Rajasthan – Acoustic & Electric Guitar. Special Guest: Ustad Kamal Sabri on Sarangi.
11 Modal District – EarHoof App, Acoustic Guitar, FusionTar, Piano.Special Guest: G.Diefenbach on Snare.
12 Walking In The Eighties – Drums, SynthBass, Acoustic Guitar, Tanpura, Piano, Tibetan Bowls, Polysix,
13 Camel Caravan – Udu, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Glissentar. Special Guest: V. Faggioni, SynthBass
14 Sparkles In The Dark – Udu, Darabukka, Shaker, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Balalaika, Piano, Bamboo Flute.
15 The Stillness Within – Brushes, Acoustic Guitar, Piano.