Redford & Clark
Blue Monday


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Redford and Clark’s approach to the production of this song was truly exciting, accepting the challenge of working on a great electro-dance hit from the 80s, also for what it represents. In fact the movement that was created in Manchester in those years was of enormous importance for the entire dance explosion of the years to come. The song’s rousing rhythm and infectious melody never stopped exploding in the production team’s minds, and that’s the feeling they intended to convey. In the interpretation of this piece Naomi Clark’s vocality maintained its soulful flavor mixing it with the dance atmosphere.

Nick’s production and his soul/rock guitar rhythms were key to establishing a correct groove and creating a fantastic atmosphere where he felt totally in his musical world. Producer Rob Colella’s idea proved as always to be of great inspiration and collaboration for everyone and contributed to creating the right feeling!

The band and the producer hope that this sound, inserted into refined DJ sets, can make you feel immersed in new exciting, dizzying, kaleidoscopic and dazzling scenarios.