The Tones Stars
Fly Me Out Of Here


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FLY ME OUT OF HERE – With layered guitars, strings and vocals, the big sound is contrasted by Mariie’s sweet and delicate vocal. All of the Tone stars strengths are brought together in this upbeat and driving song.

WHO CAN SAVE ME – A unique song that features the charango combined with classical guitar and cello for an ear-pleasing trio.  Mariie’s singing is innocent and pure and blends perfectly.

Konrad Rhee the founder of the band, an experienced musician well known in the South American/Andean music scene(although born and raised in the U.S.), wrote “who can save me” with Mariie’s voice and singing style in mind. Konrad had always loved the cello and included a cello part in the song, and so began the search for a cellist who would be a good fit. In steps Hannah Köll, classically trained, but with an ear on modern popular music and a desire to expand her artistic boundaries.

Konrad Rhee – piano, guitar, bass Songwriter
Mariie – Lead vocalist,
Hannah Köll – Cellist

Additional Musicians:

Magdalena Schwarzmann – Markus Falkner: violins on “fly me out of here”.
Veronika Rhee, Verena Tinzl, Magdalena Tinzl – chorus singers
Vitus Auer:  Guitar –  on “who can save me”.