Gabriel Barrett
In the Middle


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01 The Double Of Myself: the experience of the double of oneself. When knowing yourself means learning to live with the other part of us. When accepting the existence of good and evil in everyone is sharing, and not dividing.

02 Summer ’68: the 1970 song, written and performed by Richard Wright, Pink Floyd’s historic keyboard player, echoes like a memory in the head of another pianist, who renews the same disillusionment after 50 years.

03 Rising Energy: From a timid melody the strength to move forward can be born just as an energetic, solemn man can do, strong against every obstacle.

04 Mad World: the 1982 song by the British band Tears for Fears becomes an opportunity to melancholy return to the age of change. At that time when everything could be exhilarating and then suddenly adverse.

05 My Spare Time: I search in vain for solutions, scraps of time, sensations, stealing seconds, minutes, a life. Carpe diem says the past, but as soon as you say it immediately it was, when you miss opportunities, a train, a love.

06 Hilary’s Bicycle: Ilaria jumps on her new bicycle. After the first hesitant pedal strokes, she runs quickly: her world belongs to her. But suddenly she falls to the ground, an unexpected obstacle in the way. Anger and disappointment are unleashed within her. But then the flight of a butterfly reopens her smile, and immediately with her steed he sets off towards new adventures.

07 Daddy Song: She flows but doesn’t disappear. This is the pain of losing a father. Sometimes you feel the sweetness of a memory… It is a wise memory, full of teachings, words that you find equally about yourself as you grow older, like him. And feel the History that revolves among Us.

08 My Friend Is An Angel: Angelo has overcome a scary illness: he risked everything, to the point of no longer being there. But he remained the same, always maintaining his cordial and benevolent nature, without bending it to fear.

09 Little Smile: The smile of a child opens a slice of paradise. As if we were allowed to admire something so pure and unapproachable for a few seconds, to still hope, to still believe and to find the joy of striving to be a better man.

10 The Power Of Love: Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s great 1984 hit is almost whispered, timidly suggested to our attention, leaving a tender comment, that is – as Holly Johnson declared – “the fact that love is the only thing that matters in the end.”

11 Brother By Chance: What is a brother: a friend? one who happened there, almost by chance? blood of my blood? a rival? a master? a son? Maybe all of this. And certainly more, which I will discover.

12 Looking For The Inner Order: the search through music for an inner order, difficult to find in an eclectic life; three vocal lines that intertwine, merge, overlap, live independently: dynamics similar to the alternating events of the Freudian Ego.

13 Inside out: the eternal, human search for the meaning of life passes through understanding oneself: nosce te ipsum! But knowing is also communicating. There are those who do it through writing, those through painting or drawing: I love doing it with music.

14 Zanzibar: a journey through places and sounds that blend into a blend of spices and emotions. Zanzibar is the voice of memory and the ocean.

15 All Things In Your Soul: the awareness that the truth is in everything: be it a gesture, an event, an expressed feeling. Life is not a mere abstract concept. Life is in all things.