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Folk Family Revival


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Album tracks and song descriptions:

All Through The Night – is a haunting lullaby inspired by Welsh folk, it is a song of longing and longing to heal from depression.

Old Man’s Town – is based on the Australian poet, banjo patterson’s street poetry for the old man’s town. it is a hymn of hope for the Community.

Overland And Leas – is an old Scottish folktale sung with an eerie reminder of times gone by.

The Meadow – is written from the point of view of a young woman who has  the desire for love.

Reconciled – was written as an oratorical reflection on the condition of humanity

Let It Be – inspired by the old-time American anthem, “the sweet of and by”, Let It Be is an encouragement to anyone who struggles with fear and anxiety.

Lucky Birdie – is a childhood lullaby often sung to Jana by her grandmother.

Yours Forever – is a love song written from the point of view of two people from opposite sides of the world who meet.

Long Love – is a love song written from the point of view of an old man who has lost his wife and misses her.

Good Lord Bird – inspired by James McBride’s book, The Good Lord Bird, about the American abolitionist John Brown.

Down To The River – a prayer, inspired by the American old time song, we go down to the river to pray.

Rain – was written after a personal bout with cancer  with healing in mind.

Tears In My Heart – a tender love song about the commitment it takes to truly love each other, even when we hurt ourselves.

Amaryllis – is a precious tale that laments the death of a mother and rejoices in the birth of a daughter.

Fairland – a lullaby about a beach bird, is an evocative song that tells the story of those who suffer at the hands of war.

Rebel Love – is an Irish love song that tells the story. by Craig and Jana.

Ocean Blue – an upbeat love song, inspired by Scottish folk, my beauty lies by the ocean.

Wayfaring Stranger – is a traditional American Civil War song that tells the story of a soldier who longs  to return home.

Washerman Field – is a tumultuous song with strong words of warning for against the power of war.