Stevie’s Blend
Rough And Ready


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The second studio EP by Stevie’s Blend differs from the previous one especially in terms of the sounds that refer to a decidedly more electric blues rock. In this new work the band is looking for the essence both in the composition and in the recording with the electric guitars of Stefano de Angelis in the foreground and the scratchy voice of Gianna ChillĂ  leading the band towards territories where the bloodiest and roughest blues dominates , all supported by the solid rhythm section with Michael Brill on bass and Piero E. Pierantozzi on drums. The instrumentation used as well as the approach to recording the songs respects the philosophy of simplicity and naturalness of the sounds, therefore very few overdubs are used to try to convey the idea and recreate the impact of a band playing live, but wringing out the Watch out for a more refined and massive sound, to keep up with the sound of mainstream Rock Blues albums.

In “GIRL WITH A GUN” a perennially current topic is dealt with, that of unemployment, and the discomfort – sometimes the desperation that derives from it – describing the crazy actions of a girl who for the umpteenth time is refused even just human consideration when you find yourself looking for work. The guitar riff, doubled by the voice that scratches like a harmonica, reaches straight to the stomach, in full Chicago Blues style, direct and naked, a little aggressive but sincere. We have all imagined having a magic button that can reset all problems, take us back to a precise moment before doing the wrong thing, or that takes us out of bad situations.

Everyone, no one excluded. “PUSH THE BUTTON” is an ironic, powerful song, where the rhythm section blends in a profound way with the guitar and the voice to give life to a powerful atmosphere, in which everyone, without exception, will recognize themselves. Sensitivity is sometimes not good for living in today’s society and its mechanisms, in the speed with which it asks you to run.

“TOO FAST” is the portrait of a woman, who watches people’s lives from a street corner, tested by life itself and the fragility with which she sometimes falls into poverty and vice. A woman who issues an important warning: life is one, and choices, like their consequences, are forever. The flow of the song is blues-funk, a modern funk with a spoken-rap in the middle which contaminates the atmosphere and makes it range into territories that are not just Blues.

BAD LUCK is a classic blues, starting from the structure of the song, which deals with “bad luck”, an excuse to look closely at the difficulties of daily life, and ask an absent God the reason for suffering and abandonment. In full Chicago-Blues style. In this piece the sound is characterized by the bottleneck (the cut bottleneck widely used by guitarists from the Mississippi Delta) and by the Joplinian style of interpretation of the voice, suffering and irony inextricably linked.