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JODIVEGA was discovered by Emiliano Pari (bandleader of Blackshapes) who described her as serious, stimulating and very prepared. She demonstrates great singing and songwriting skills for her young age.
Together they truly created something magical and energetic for her debut single. The highly original and modern sound captures listeners with seductive and magical vocalizations. The melodic lines blend perfectly with the soulful colors of Jodivega’s voice and evolve into very catchy pop phrasings
Co-produced by: Emiliano Pari and Rob Colella for Funky Juice records.

Composed by: Emiliano Pari

Written by: Oumy N’diaye

All songs published by Surabaya Music publ. (S.I.A.E.)

Recorded and mixed at: BapsyStudio Rome – Italy

2021 – (p) & © Surabaya Music publ.